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Guillaume de Saint-Thierry, Liège au Mont-Dieu Guillaume de Saint-Thierry, Liège au Mont-Geu: Acts of the Reims and Saint-Thierry colloquium (4-7 June 2018)



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In June 2018, an international colloquium on Guillaume de Saint-Thierry was held in Reims. The event accompanied both the publication of his works in the ‘Sources Chrétiennes’ laollection and the 50th anniversary of the resumption of monastiesur life in the Mont d’Hor hill. After historical approaches — his Liegeoise Etremoise Years, his involvement in Benedical Reforms — studies of its sources and influence on mystic, theological and spiritual reflections have crossed to showcase its originality, compared with Isaac de l’Étoile and, above all, Bernardde Clairvaux, in areas as diverse as the reception of augustinian thinking, God’s knowledge, liturgia, biblical practices, training and fundamentalementof the conception of monastic life. Thus, he drew an inner path leading ducenbitism to ceremitism, making him an intimately representative figure of ordomonasticus in the 12th century.

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