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And Aristophane. Greek anthroponyms with sigmatic flexion: continuity of an Indo-European onomastic process and innovations


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‘titrebSummary’/titrebThe anthroponyms of the acronymatic ones, the following are two distinct categories: the adjectives of the type “κρατος”, which are old and the second member is based on a noun in each case, and the adjectives of the type of -ανς, the second part of which is each time based on a verbal racin (-of) and which constitute innovations. We try to show that, while the group of adjectives to second-member deverbatim has developed widely, to the point of being digitally outweighed by the adjectives of the type of adjectives, the situation has remained the opposite for anthroponyms: there are many more names of the type of ‘-κρττης’ than the names of the type of ‘ριστο νης’. It should be seen as a record of the preservative character of the onomastic. Specific studies have been carried out on how to create the names of the following: it seems that the former were created to respond to names in -αρι-, and that the latter took over from the names in -“-” ης.

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