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Family legacy of cancer and iterative psychosomatic involvement





This paper discusses a research study that describes and analyses the particularities of the intersubjective and intrapsychic network of patients suffering from cancer, exploring the links between the following variables: family antecedents of cancer, occurrence and repetition of traumas (early and recent), reference to the typology of the nuclear family, whether œdipal, anaclitic-depressive, perverse or narcissistic. It is a qualitative, exploratory and descriptive study, with nonprobability intentional sampling comprised of ten adult patients, presenting localized cancers of different forms, as well as family antecedents of cancer. The data was collected during three semi-structured interviews in which the unit of observation was focused on the narration of the patients. It may be inferred from the interviews that the vulnerability of these patients is marked both by the experience of painful, past and recent traumas, and by the functioning of their family group (anaclitic-depressive families in eight cases and narcissistic for the two others). These remarks are illustrated by one of the clinical cases and the genogram of another case.

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