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Fragments of an african discourse : critical and historical approaches of francophone sub-saharan transnational literatures from 1980 to today



ID: <10670/1.9avmbc>


This work is examined through the paradigm of the double consciousness, as it was unveiled by Paul Gilroy, and remains inscribed in the historical period synonymous of the discredit of African independences on one hand and at the end of migration policy in France on the other hand. Besides, it explores the contexts that have given birth to new literary and artistic expressions, transnational and diasporic, coming from Francophone Africa. These new literary and artistic expressions are characterized by constant reconfigurations that challenge the national framework in Africa while seriously questioning the notions of racial, social and policy issues taken care of by previous generations in the name of the Negritude and cultural nationalism. These new literary, cinematographic and visual productions are also powerful ways of imagining the future of our world scarred by the vagaries of the late age of capitalism. Finally, they raise fundamental questions concerning the fate of immigrant populations in France and Europe while heralding the advent of new, more egalitarian, inclusive and cosmopolitan ways of living together.

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