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Transmedia diegetisation: process of building fictional representations through the media



ID: <10670/1.9cj72s>


Since the end of the last century, technological, economic and socio-cultural convergences have helped to promote the large-scale deployment of representations of universes, real and fictional, on many media and platforms. Renewed media creation and consumption practices have thus emerged around media objects that, in the absence of other terms, could for a time be described as new media. Transmedia has become part of this media dynamic, no longer seen as stable entities, but as flows with changing, porous contours. Representing the future of our relationship with the media and the world for some, stillborn for others, transmedia has been the subject of many fantasies and a number of studies that are far from complete. This research proposes to lay the theoretical foundations for a dispassionate reflection on transmedia phenomena. They will essentially be considered in their fictional dimension, as conceived by creators of diegetic universes, i.e. universes that can be inhabited and navigated by a character and by an interpreter, i.e. a reader-spectator-listener-player-interactor. It is by transporting oneself physically or in thought into these universes, through mediatized modalities constructing the Transmedia Text, that creators and interpreters will eventually participate in a transmedia diegetization, the nature, ins and outs of which will have to be understood. We will define the terms media, platforms, modalities and diegesis that will be useful to us in order to understand how, in this context of convergences, different types of transmedia diegetization are deployed. The latter will then be considered as processes involving three instances, namely creators, transmedia Texts and interpreters, paradoxically unfolding in territories that are sometimes located next to or outside the media and/or their own Text. Finally, we will highlight the challenges and issues raised by these all-out diegetic deployments.

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