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Determinants of financial structure and stock market reactions to funding decisions : the case of Moroccan firms listed on the Casablanca stock exchange

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ID: <10670/1.9iigl0>


Based on the primary financing theories and considering the context of financing decisions, this study serves two purposes. On the one hand, understanding the determinants of the Moroccan corporations financial structure, and on the other hand, evaluating the impact of these corporations financing decisions on their stock exchange prices. As a first step, we verified through an econometric study, the ability of traditional determinants of debt to explain the financial structure of Moroccan corporations during regular times and during financial crisis times. As a second step, we tested the theory of conventions which states the existence of financing modes. To that end, we carried out an analysis of the main components and a top-down classification. On last time, we carried out an events study in order to evaluate the stock market response to financing decisions. Our study targeted a series of 50 non-financial corporations listed in the Casablanca stock exchange and on 16 capital increase and bond financing announcements. Results show that only a few variables, originally from the financial theory, play a primary role in the financing policy of Moroccan corporations. Thus, considering the size and financial crisis effects, the influence of these variables changes from a compartment to another, and also from a period to another. Furthermore, the final results show that the financial structure stands as a financing mode which is influenced by the financial needs nature. Thus, in regular times Autonomy is the regime that adheres to most firms in the sample. In contrast, overdraft regime is best represented in recession. The events study results suggest that the Moroccan stock market is not responding neither to capital increase announcements nor to bond announcements, and indicate that communicated information by the financing decisions are not valuable to Moroccan investors.

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