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The cultural and social factors affecting the urban design : mental impressions of eastern and western urban areas : a study of Cairo and Marseille





This subject of this thesis is “The Mental Image of Urban Areas”. It uses Cairo and Marseille as case studies. The research was fulfilled through an academic study of the historical development & urban growth of Cairo and Marseille. The aim was to identify the major elements forming of the mental image of the two cities. The researcher determined these elements through a historical and analytical study the urbanism and architecture of the two cities, with particular focus on downtown areas. Through a limited field study, conducted on a sample of residents in each city, the hypotheses developed by the researcher were tested to identify the important characteristics of the different mental impressions for both the eastern city (Cairo) and the western city (Marseille). As well as the social and cultural impacts, the researcher also identifies the physical elements of the mental impression the inhabitants have of the study areas

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