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Agronegocio Conchero (Anadara tuberculosa): Socio-economic aspects, Archipelago de Jambelí


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This article presents a study on the socio-economic part of agrongocio in the conchero sector of Comuna Costa Rica, with the aim of diagnosing the social and economic situation of the Prieta shell gatherers (Anadara tuberculosa). In this work, a survey was carried out of 44 gatherers from the Costa Rica Concheros Association, validating the instrument with an alpha de Cronbach in 0,87. The results show that there is a strong participation of the female genus dedicated to harvesting the conchero resource and that the age of majority due to gender participation is between 32 and 44 years old, we have also shown that more than half of the respondents do not have some basic and health services. The average number of units of Prieta shells collected per person was 16.923 shells per year, the costs and income being $836,00 and $2.200 per year respectively. A square Chi test was applied, obtaining a p-value 0,003 lower than the predefined alpha 0,05, according to which the zero hypothesis is rejected. For this reason, we note that there are indications of a relationship of dependence between the variable need and opportunity to undertake. The activity of the resource if it generates utilities for the communes.

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