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Woebot : psychothérapie, suite et fin ?





Objectives. There is now on a service of online psychotherapy, Woebot, practised by an software. It results from twenty years of researches of a psychologists’ team in Stanford University and experts in artificial intelligence and interactive technology. It is based on the deployment of the positive thought advocated by CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapeutic).Methodology. We examine the promise of what is presented as the future of psychotherapy. We lean on the press kit, the elements collected on the site, the scientific, medical and other articles to which il sends back.Discussion. It seems to us that it consists in trying to stop the release and re-operate the repression. It is a soft method to evacuate subjectivity, remobilize desire and adopt the point of view of other one.Patients. This offer of freeing from speech and overtaking guilt addresses particularly to the three hundred million of depressed in the world, according to the World Health Organization.Results. It tends to set a special link with the machine, not without divine echo, and to reset a kind of confession.Conclusion. The real target is psychotherapists who appear as moralizing inquisitors out of reach, both unavailable and unaffordable. The issue is to be done with psychotherapy with the blessing of the medicine.

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