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Gonzalo de Berceo – Sacrement et Apocalypse

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The Altar, The Temple, The Blood, The Lamb: the eschatological perspectives of the euscharitic sacrament deploy the ardent stamps of Joan’s Apocalypsis. Gonzalo de Berceo creates two poems more spiritual than doctrinal, that are not as famous as his hagiographys or his marian work. Nevertheless, in front of the Milagros de Nuestra Señora, the redeeming presence of Christi in the sacrament and in the evocation of final days is strong enough. Mass ritual is a redeeming prayer for the monastical “family”. Miracles and sacraments both indicate the divine intervention in the terrestrial world. However, contrary to the miracles which show God’s power, often delegated to Mary or to the Saints, in the eucharistic sacrament He gives his own divinity fully and misteriously. Transubstantiation mysteriously accomplishes Christ’s advent to humanity when mass is being celebrated; the same revelation is brought by Joan’s initiatory vision (Αποκάλυψις Ιησού Χριστού, « Jesus Christ’s revelation ») which is the ultimate source of The Signs which will appear before the Judgement Day.

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