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A New Poet at Minuit Publishing House. Ethos and poetic horizons in Robert Pinget’s Works





This thesis takes the reader through Robert Pinget’s protean work, from early poems to notebooks including novels, theatre and art books. This work will examine literary history, sociopoetics and genre pragmatics in order to show that poetry represents an aesthetic horizon for the New Novelist, in other words a vanishing point for his manifold experiments in genre. The tension between his poetic ethos and his books published by Minuit invites the reader to pay attention to the continuous and disquieting movement in writing striving towards a poetry that refuses taxonomy.This study starts by going over Pinget’s path from his giving up poetry and painting to build a professional career as a New Novelist at Minuit Publishing House. Yet, at the very heart of his most iconic novels, the unremitting and anxious presence of a poet’s ethos can be perceived. Then this work discusses other modes of expression – art books, plays for the stage or the radio and notebooks. The New Novelist experiments the poet’s exile once again when out of fiction territory he explores those genre lands to regain the absence of knowledge and the freshness of the neophyte. Ultimately, poetry is both an origin and a future for the entire work. Then this study examines three specificities of writing and reading poetic perspectives – the recomposing of a sensory universe that makes the reader see and hear the world, the constitution of a specific space-time for the writer from which a powerfully original discourse emerges, the inscription of the subject in accordance with the modern methods of critical lyricism.

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