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The nabateo-roman temple of Dharih (Jordan) : architecture, reconstruction, decoration and cult



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Khirbet edh-Dharih is a nabatean site situated approximately 70 km of the site of Petra in Jordan. Attached to the sanctuary is a small rural town and a necropolis. Supposed to be as a sanctuary during the pilgrimage, Khirbet edh-Dharih offers us a temple rich iconography and architecture for a better understanding of the nabatean religion. The temple, which is the site’s main structure, was built, based on stratigraphy, at the begginning of the second century A.D., which coincides with the time of the Roman annexation in AD 106. In this thesis, we analyzes the buildin gmethod of the temple, its reconstruction and the study of its cult and decoration. However if the iconography denotes a syncretic style graeco-roman subjects in a semitic treatment, the case is similar for the plan of the temple which presents, beyond the standard plan with a lobby and a cella, a religious platform on which were placed baetyls for making offerings to the divinities. From iconographic analysis of the facade and of the môtah of the temple, restored, we make a parallel between the information shown by the images and the conception as well as architecture of the temple.

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