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The French diplomacy and the Mediterranean interest's maghreban

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The study which one will present door on "the French diplomacy and the Mediterranean interests' maghreban". It proposes to draw up an assessment of various aspects of the co-operation between France and the States of the Maghreban in particular the three countries of the "central Maghreb" (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia), because of exception of the bonds, historically very strong, forged between them. This assessment will be established by taking into account the contents of the policy concerned and the circumstances in which it is spread and of the conditions which govern its definition and its use. The object of our work resides in an study-evaluation of the relation between France and the Maghreb, thus, in a first part, the attention will be concentrated on the Mediterranean maghreban as a space of co-operation privileged by France and in which one goes initially, to release the historical, geographical, cultural factors and policies which determine and nourish this relation privileged between France and the Maghreb. Whereas in the second time, the attention will be accentuated on the contemporary aspect of this co-operation free maghreban by specifically treating the contemporary political and economic relations between France and its three ex-colonies referred to above of the time of the decolonization until the current time. In one second part, the projector will be directed on the various aspects of the French diplomatic action with respect to the maghreban States. From where utility to apprehend this question in two manners: Firstly, to make known the active implication of France on the one hand, within the framework of bringing together between the States of the Maghreb and the European Union (EU) and, on the other hand, within the framework of the promotion of regional integration enters the maghreban States . In the second place, we make a point of announcing the existence of another important dimension on which France also works with the States of the Maghreb: it is about its intervention in the regional conflicts inter maghreban, while taking for example a complex question and always of topicality titrates: the conflict of the Occidental Sahara. From where this points two essential features: on a side, relatively traditional character of the Saharan policy of France and another side, its recent nature facing of the new data of the Saharan's conflict.

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