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Why and why the People’s Communication? Points about people, subjective and political



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This essay proposes, with the limitations of those who analyze such a live phenomenon, some ideas that could help to clarify the scope of Popular Communication and the importance of its political activity as a precondition. For this, it reflects about the notions of people and the popular, the subjectivation processes and the connection that between them set the popular communication activities, considering them essential practices for the societies to pursue their democratic ideals. This paper is based on the idea of Popular Communication as a conflictive activity whenever, through the installation of counter-speech that confront an institutional, professional and ideological communicative officiality, the configuration of the public space is being questioned and disputed with the dominant processes of identification, allowing the existence of disagreement and, in the end, making politics possible. It is not a description of Popular Communication, much less an enumeration of its cons-tituent elements: rather it is an attempt to defend the place that it must occupy in our society and in the common space.

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