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Interculturalism and Access to Justice: generating open and inclusive spaces for legal advice in Abasto, Pcia. Buenos Aires





In recent decades there has been a reconfiguration of Argentinian agriculture with the consolidation of the agrongotium model as the dominant form. This form of economic concentration excludes and segregates lxs puxs productorxs. Lxs productorxs of the family farming of Gran La Plata are affected by these proceedings, in violation of economic, social and cultural rights and serious obstacles to effective access to justice. In this context, the population under consideration also has a high percentage of migrants and foreigners suffering from prejudice and discrimination, at a socio-economic disadvantage. The proposed work to be carried out in 2018, approved as a Project for Community University Extension Centres of the National University of La Plata, is presented here, with the formation of an interdisciplinary working team which aims to strengthen socio-cultural links from three main axes: building citizenship, interculturalism and networks of associations, based on a comprehensive approach in the territory itself, for legal advice, support and regular monitoring. Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences Faculty of Natural Sciences and Museum

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