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The application of marketing tools within tourism associations


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Within a context that has become competitive, tourism associations are currently faced with problems of efficiency and profitability that are necessary for their survival, but may call into question their legitimacy in a non-profit sector. Marketing tools are thus put in place to present the public with a high-quality offer. Among these methods, internal marketing leads the members of the association to become themselves players in the marketing of accommodation offers. The problem emerging from our reflection is the following: What are the conditions for the effectiveness, within a tourist association, of marketing tools aimed at encouraging the participation of employees in the effort to market stays? A study carried out by a tourism association provides some avenues for reflection by showing the extent to which the members of the association can be involved in such an approach. It thus enables us to conclude that there is no question as to the legitimacy of the approach under consideration, but, on the contrary, that, subject to certain conditions, internal marketing proves to be a powerful tool for federating the members of the organisation around a common objective, that of satisfaction and loyalty to vacanciers.

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