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Socio-cultural facilitators in an EAV approach: project typology


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Concept formation
Political representation
Representative government and representation
Parliamentary government
Job training
Vocational training
Occupational training
Manpower development and training
Manpower training programs


The effects of profound social changes on the field of socio-cultural animation imply various recompositions affecting both the profession itself and training in animation. These provisions are reflected in speeches, and more generally in the field of social intervention, by requirements of professionalisation. Working organisations rely on training to “manufacture” professionals. But the new educational paradigms at work, including the individualisation of training pathways, raise questions. This includes the EAV. It was therefore on the basis of the concept of a project, which was taken as the basis for analysis, that the typology set out in that article was identified. The survey of socio-cultural facilitators shows that engagement in a process of validating experience takes various forms, depending on the representation patterns and reports on the training of the subjects surveyed.

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