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Georges Daumézon (1912-1979) : a psychiatrist and pedagogue camisard : a singular contribution to educational sciences





This thesis intends to study the pioneering approach of the psychiatrist/pedagogue G. Daumézon (1912-1979), concerning the relationships between both caring and education in psychiatric institutions, marked by the emergence and the development of institutional psychotherapy and pedagogy. The general hypothesis is that the use of a comprehensive and reflective approach of this singular work will enable underlining the pertinence and the importance of its contribution in accordance with educational sciences.Both through a sociohistorical, documentary and archival study of G. Daumézon’s work, and a pluralist and cross-disciplinary analysis, completed with researching interviews, it is shown how the asylum, later on the psychiatric hospital, has been questioned by education, pedagogy and training.In the end, it is underlined that the empirical and reflective legacy might be nowadays a contributory recourse to avoid development and standardization of terms and conditions of psychiatric care of mental illness.

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