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Development of a package offer in Burma that includes ethnics and favours community development for tour-operator L’Atelier du Voyage
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according to an article by Info Burma “Burma has one of the largest ethnic diversities in the world. 135 ethnic groups are officially identified by the government” (2013). The aim of this study is to present to the tour operator the Atelier du Voyage a flat-rate offer in Burma in the context of sustainable tourism and, more specifically, Community tourism; i.e. by including indigenous communities in the circuit. Thus, the agency can introduce this product as part of its individual ‘discoveries’. The target audience is the current and potential customer base of the company. The aim of this work is therefore to familiarise ourselves with this emerging form of tourism, so that these values and principles can be incorporated into the package created, but also to highlight the importance of promoting the concept of Community tourism.

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