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Barhebraeus’s historical work. Its contribution to the history of Mongolia

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International audience Barhebræus (m. 1286) or « Ibn al-‘Ibrī » (syr. Bar ‘Ebroyo) is a great Syriac author. In 1264, he was the maphriem of Oriental Syriac's Church. This Church was under the Mongol domination. Ibn al-‘Ibrī is the author of a great number of works on medicine, astronomy, mathematics, history, theology, philosophy, grammar and literatur. The history is a marquant point in his production. Barhebræus is the author of two chronicles. A very great in Syriac, the second, more little, writing directly in Arabic. In this paers, the author shows, with a minoutious comparison between the two texts the important contribution for the Ilkhans' history, as well for the Mamluks in Bilâd al-Shâm. For Chinggis Khan' conquests, Barhebræus uses the Persian historien, as well oral nestorians traditions. Cet article is in relation with : D. Aigle, « Bar Hebraeus et son public, à travers ses chroniques en arabe et en syriaque », Le Muséon, vol. 118/1-2 (2005), p. 83-106.

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