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`titrebThe sources of the tyrannical bond`/titrebThe author explores the sources of tyranny in the infantile zones of the tyrant’s psychic functioning, but also in the tyrant child and baby. Tyranny belongs to archaic logics combined with oedipal logics. It exists in an anal world. It consists for the tyrant in destroying an internal object of the person he subjugates to take its place, exporting into this other his own anxieties and affects that he cannot tolerate in himself. The tyrant’s victim becomes an « affect-bearer ». Tyranny attacks parenthood, both in the subject’s internal world and in the bond with external objects. It is easily extrapolated from the private sphere to the public and social arena. In the child who « pushes all the limits », tyranny conceals a search for the object. It also responds to the narcissistic fantasmatic legacy received by the child, which tyranny both condemns and fulfils. It also attests a failure in the work of integrating destructiveness, a task initially devolved to the object. Tyranny has its roots in the infantile world but also in the baby’s experience, in the ordinary and extraordinary hatred mobilised by the baby, and in failures of parenting. Tyranny attests and is organised by the transition from helplessness to violence, when helplessness is not heard or taken into account, not understood.

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