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The sources of the tyrannic link


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Deduction (Logic)
Logic, Deductive
Deductive logic
Dialectic (Logic)
Space of more than three dimensions
Space and time
Time and space
Space-time continuum
Failure (Psychology)
Losing (Psychology)
Human emotions
Subject (Philosophy)
Schooling, Home
Education, Home
Home teaching by parents
Domestic education
Home-based education
Home schooling
Home instruction
Home education
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Inclusion, Social
Social integration
Social inclusion
Integration, Social


‘titrebSummary’/titrebThe sources of tyranny are explored in child areas of tyranny, but also in children and tyrans. Tyranny is archaic logic intertwined with oesdipian logic. It is evolving in an anal world. For tyran, it consists of destroying an internal object of that which he submits in order to take its place, exporting his own anxieties and feelings which he cannot tolerate in the other. The victim of tyran becomes a ‘walk-through’. Tyranny attacks parenthood, both in the internal world of the subject and in the link to external objects. It easily emerges from the intimate sphere to the public and social space. The tyranny masks a quest for the object in a child who is “end-to-end”. It also responds to the narcissic and fantasmatic inheritance to which the child is subject, which she denounces and carries out at the same time. It also shows a failure in the work of integrating destructivity, which is primarily the task of the object. Tyranny has its roots not only in the child world but also in the baby’s experience, in the ordinary and extra-ordinary hatred that the baby engages and in the chess of parenthood. Tyranny reflects and is organised by the transition from distress to violence, when distress is not heard or not taken into account, not understood.

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