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Late Gothic Sculpture in Savoie : Workshops, Artists and Clientele in Chambéry and its vicinity : between 1480 and 1530


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Despite the paucity of documentary evidence arguing in favour of the existence of much sculpting activity in and near Chambéry, the criteria needed to establish the presence of an artistic hub in the town and its vicinity at the turn of the XV and XVI centuries can be shown. The existence of a large body of sculptures, consistent both in style and iconography, produced over a few decades between 1480 and 1530, is testament to the activity of sculptors in the region. An analysis has led to identifying the activity of various artists' workshops, and to understanding of the way in which these works were produced. Many opportunities for contact between the art worlds of Chambéry, Geneva and Northern countries can also be identified. Within this space, a varied clientele as well as a dynamic religious context have supported the development of an original local artistic production.

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