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Tourism experiences in historical centres: the world heritage cities of Peru (part 1)





Each trip, its motivation; at every motivation, your tourism. Nothing can seem more appropriate for resting holidays than a beach and an unlandscaping holiday than a stay in the wild. Only when the desire and time to have a little better acquaintance with another culture, its history and daily life come, we inevitably go through cities, and above all their centre. Tourism in city centres is of a special nature as it represents an additional activity in a often already competitive environment. Indeed, cities that are touristically attractive are rarely those with an empty centre and only need to find a new vocation. On the contrary, we are likely to prefer to visit cities with high speeds, full lives and activities such as New York or London, for example. In such cases, commercial, residential, administrative or institutional uses already compete for the space available to develop related activities. Tourism therefore adds to a set of infrastructures which, while favouring certain existing activities (shops, museums, restaurants), is increasing...

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