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Challenges and uses of ‘Apologia’ in Guillaume de Saint-Thierry in the tradition of art history



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Incorrect title in the publication. — ISBN: 978-2-249-62022-5; 283 p. National hearing L’Apology in Guillaume de saint Thierry, text written by Saint Bernard around 1125, contains two fascinating chapters concerning figurative images, architecture, sculpture, painting, pavements and objects of goldsmiths. There is little or no reflection on visual arts and their functioning in the Middle Ages, which did not take into account Apology, until Olivier Boulnois’s very recent work. It seems to the author that the reading of ‘Apologie’ has been somewhat biased over the centuries and that it does not say exactly, or at least not simply, what art historians have successively found there. After quickly presenting the text as a whole, the author questions this long tradition in order to better understand the issues at stake and approaches, which then allows us to suggest a different reading.

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