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Hypotensive effect of new exercise modalities in grade 1 or 2 hypertensive patients


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High blood pressure is a common disease with many cardiovascular complications. Inactivity is also an important cardiovascular risk factor, and the regular practice of physical activity (PA) decreases very significantly this risk, more than the single improvement of blood pressure (BP). Therefore, PA is recommended for its contribution on the management of hypertension. The “acute” BP fall following a bout of exercise contributes to the “chronic” antihypertensive effect of physical training, by inducing both functional and structural adaptations (BP regulation systems and components of arterial wall, respectively). Face to the many modalities of PA (aerobic, strength, continuous or intermittent mode, outdoor, indoor or in swimming-pool) and to the desires and availabilities of the patient, we aimed to assess, in hypertensive individuals, the effect of new modes (high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE), cycling in immersed condition) using preferably ambulatory BP monitoring measures. Thereby, our research identified, through a meta-analysis and 3 clinical studies, the following results:A- regarding PA characteristics : 1- a BP decrease following one bout of HIIE, 2-week HIIE training (thrice a week) and 9-month HIIE training (twice a week) in a combined lifestyle program;2- an additional BP improvement in up-to-the chest immersed condition; 3- an improvement in arterial stiffness (pulse wave velocity, PWV);B- regarding patient’s characteristics: favorable moderators such as a resting BP ≥135/85 mm Hg, or the association of diet intervention. These results should contribute to improve prescription of PA in hypertensive individuals.

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