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Trauma and unbundling: Ferenczi, between Freud and SeEU-level


The conflict between Freud and Ferenczi during the final period of the latter’s life concerned as much their dissensions on the technique as its return to Freud’s theory of trauma from before 1897. He was the first patient since the 1890s whose child sexual trauma was the focal point of the analysis, as had been the case for Anna O., whose trauma dissociation had been an integral part of her cure. The corollary of the reviviscence of the trauma theory is the model of a psyche dependent not on repression but on dissociation. Ferenczi belongs to a line of analysts, such as Breuer, Fairbairn and Sullivan, who have worked on the unbundling scheme. While Ferenczi read and quoted Janet, there is no longer any reference to this author in his post-1924 writing, when he started to move away from Freud. By reversing the traditional verdicts as to the relationship between Ferenczi and Freud, it can be seen as a transition to act, while its relationship with SeEU-wide is a genuine dialogue.

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