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Races and racism in the United Nations concert


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contributes to a website After their birth, international organisations have set themselves the goal of combating racism. However, despite numerous statements, they have been confronted with recurrent dilemmas in this company, first and foremost the ambivalent and deeply contested nature of the concept of race. Indeed, how to combat racial discrimination while avoiding the replication of fundamentals of race, many international organisations have taken a pragmatic approach by refusing to enter into theoretical debates on the definitions of “race” and by simply acknowledging its real effects on the social world. The ‘Small arrangements with race in international organisations (1945-2019)’ (International Critic No 86) is devoted to explaining the background to this course. Interview with Juliette Galonnier, Professor Assistant at Science Po International Research Centre and Patrick Simon, Research Director at INED who led the development. Statement by Catherine Burucoa, CERI.

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