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The issue of identity in Sylvie Germain's novels : a semiotic approach



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This work aims to explore the meaning of identity in the novels of Sylvie Germain, who is an important author of contemporary French literature. The novelistic universe of the author que stions the human existence and encourages the reader to ask questions about life and identity. By putting into play the fictional life of her characters, Sylvie Germain denounces the constraints of the modern and contemporary world that cause identity disorders in people. The novels of our corpus ("The Song of False lovers ", "Magnus", "Hidden Lives") are met by this issue of identity that marks the whole journey of actors-characters. In our study, we propose to highlight the different aspects of the problem of identity in a semiotic perspective. By examining the affective, cognitive and modal features of the fictional characters, we focus on their roles and attitudes in order to identify change and permanence in their identity construction. Our study is based in particular on the analysis of "life forms" which determine the modes of existence and perseverance of the characters in their course of life marked by uncertainty and obstacles. Our analysis seeks to determine the disturbances that affect the identity construction of the characters. Through the semiotic analysis that allows us to study the different dimensions of the novelistic discourse-narrative, figurative, affective, enunciative-we propose to capture the significant elements concerning the configuration of identity in Sylvie Germain’s novel universe.

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