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Interrelations between work activity and the use of psychotropics : traditional approaches and a perspective in clinic of work


Being a professional may require unlimited energy and to remedy management shortcomings. Stimulants, anxiolytics, antidepressants, etc., can contribute to this. This Phd thesis deals with these complex dynamics. Based on a review of the scientist literature and a clinical research-action, it contributes to the knowledge of the interrelations between activity, health and psychotropic products. The thesis shows the existence of different functional uses irreducible to the idea of disease or dangerousness. It observes that official prevention masks reality and organizes ignorance about the role of work organization in the use of psychotropics. The figures on the health problems of the active population and on their consumption of psychotropic products require the renewal of management and prevention. We propose to shift the prevention of addictions towards labor analysis and psychotropics' use study as a system of preservation and self-recognition activities.

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