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The Aposstolic College in the Roman wall painting: Saint-Lizier and the worship of the Holy in the north-east of the Pyrenees


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From the iconographic programme which originally decorated (around 1078) the cathedral of Saint-Lizier, a Majestas Domini in the oven (resumed in the eighteenth century), eight apartments arranged in pairs, under each of the blind arcades of the Chamber and, lower, five scenes of the Christ Enfance: the Mages in front of the Heode, Adoration of the Mages, Annulment, Visitation and Nativity. The decoration is supplemented by male heads placed in the arcades’ ecoinons, women’s heads which approve the straws separating the two registers from the Chamber, and ornamental stripes wearing the arcades. The representations of the aparters placed between the images relating to the Incarnation and Christ Theophania undoubtedly constitute a particularly significant thematic focus of this programme. Chronologically, they belong to the oldest manifestations of an iconographic family which later became very typical of the Pyrenean regions. Typologically, they differ from most examples in terms of their binary arrangement and their strictly frontal attitude. It seems that such a strong emphasis on the College of aparters, chaired by the Holy Pierre and Paul, demonstrates the willingness to raise the theme of the Anostolic Assises of the Church. The latter is shown here between Christ’s first arrival and its eternmost triumph. The apostolicity of the Church was at the heart of the concerns of the supporters of the reform. One of the major outbreaks of this movement in the Pyrenean regions was the Cathedral of Saint-Lizier. Ottaway John. The Aposstolic College in the Roman wall painting: Saint-Lizier and the worship of the Holy in the north-east of the Pyrenees. In: The worship of the Holy in the 18th century. Acts of the Colloquium held in Poitiers on 15-16-17 September 1993. Poitiers: Centre for Higher Studies of Medieval Civilisation, 1995. pp. 91-100. (Medieval civilisation, 1)

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