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A development and processing power in Uruguay. Proposal for creation within the framework of Territoriesnet.org, the European Union, the Mercosur Parliament and the University of the Republic: The case of Minas, Lavalleja

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Is it possible to steer the concepts of development and transformation to a wide range of different sizes, with the aim and goal of developing and transforming our societies and social groups, our territories and places at local, sub-regional and regional levels? If this row can be built, is it possible to do so at the same time with scientific rigour and with institutions, organisations and citizens arriving and taking ownership? This publication seeks to start answering these questions from complementary — politico-institutional and scientific-academic — perspectives with common intentions. The work relates to an initiative aimed at creating, at university level, a Faculty of Development and Transformation in the City of Minas, Uruguay, both within the 2009-2014 Programme of Activities of the World Territory Network, in particular with the deployment of the Latin American Possible Territories Networks and the European Territorial Intelligence Network, European Union Framework Programme 6, and under the UDELAR University of the Uruguay — Regional East Programme for Decentralisation. Work is also being carried out with the European Union, the Mercosur Parliament’s Committee on Regional Development, the Uruguay ART Programme for the Development of Territorial Networks of the UNDP and other initiatives that carry out activities with the same scientific orientation as present.

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