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Construction of the individual - Construction of the painting : for an ethics of creation : the “Missing” as an expression vector and structure to be


This thesis presents an action creation research project whose main axis analyses the relationship to the identity process at work in the pictorial activity. An internal locus of experimentation becomes a painting “space“which is no longer approached from an aesthetic point of view but more from a subjectivist and constructivist one. My approach is built around a main axis: the parallel between the construction of the painting and the construction of an individual become creative autonomous "subject" as E.Kant understands it. This relationship between artistic practice and the process of individuation (as defined by CG Jung) leads to the paradox of an "ethics of the relationship" based on self study that I have developed more thoroughly to provide both a theoretical framework and a teaching method in accompanying painting. Accessible to all, this method accompanies people with mental disability, mental illness or autism but our thesis undertakes a more comprehensive reflection on painting as embodied in a musical body as a vector of identity. A new architecture of painting as made up of "sludge", "deposits" supports this musical reading with metaphors of renewal. A theory of miss is seen here as an educational vector. It comes in the form of games against major obstacles favoring the “motor imagination” induced by shape and color both in the one that is accompanying and the one accompanied. We offer a mutually constructive painting space as a way out of psychological, sometimes social closure and stress, to open up to the world and transform ourselves.

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