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Discursive organisation of tourist guided tours : contributional theorisation and valorisation of a professional praxis

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The discourse produced in a guided tour stems from different communicative modalities which include the visit assisted by a socio-technical device and the visit guided by an education and visitor service officer. These two modalities show common characteristics of a guided tour; they also offer significant differences. These differences allow us to compile a corpus divided according to its modalities of production and the languages: written text by professionals of the tourism sector, in French and in Spanish. Several issues arise such as the genre taxonomy of the discourse linked to the specific field studied, the unit of the text segmentation which has to free itself from the scriptural or oral feature of the text production, the textual categorisation and indexation of the studied genre. Indeed, the characterisation parameter value must introduce an essential prototype in order to categorise and index the texts of the studied genres. Therefore, as a sign of social praxis, this research suits the text linguistic and discourse analysis theoretical framework. In addition, the selected methodology enlarges this theoretical background to the post-Gricean linguistics of contribution which allows to define the contribution as the unit of textual segmentation. Furthermore, the quantitative analysis of a selected text compilation is rooted in the discourse analysis and corpus linguistic approaches. The method followed here, which introduces textual segmentation rules such as qualitative manual annotation and quantitative analysis suggests structural patterns of each considered genre. Beyond the notable interest of categorising new specialized discourses, this investigation introduces a new analytical method. On the one hand, the methodological framework is the source of a segmentation, annotation, and indexation software development. On the other hand, it is the source of an application development recommending new modalities of guided tours where the priority is given to the elaboration of the discourse.

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