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Compared palaeography of epigraphic and manuscript writings: testing of a methodology





International audience French Epigraphists in recent decades regularly recognize the importance of studying the external characteristics of an inscription; however they still have a hard time giving them the proper place in the analysis of medieval epigraphic texts. Nevertheless the approach of a paleographic engraved text is always more desired, especially through the dissemination of a multidisciplinary approach between the auxiliary sciences of history, but it is not yet consistently applied. Paleography is not yet considered scientifically, because of the absence of a real paleographic tradition in the study of epigraphic writings. Based on the results of the available solid traditional paleography, this current research would suggest here a method of analysis of the graphic characters present in the inscriptions, a method that want to be exemplary and applicable for the study of any other corpus of inscriptions. Because it is an innovative approach, the works is not always so obvious: from the creation of tools to do research (technical vocabulary to describe the letter engraved, analytical, timelines) to the lack of systematic studies in this field, we have to create this approach entirely. By taking advantage of paleography inthe strict sense, either for its method of investigation, or comparing the writings of titles in epigraphic manuscripts with the books, we will seek to make the study of scriptures carved a scientific criterion duly used by specialists. We chose thecorpus of inscriptions and manuscripts offered by the city of Toulouse in a timeline between the 11th and 14thcenturies, since it is a rare example of French “serial” production, so perfect for the demonstration of methodology.

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