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Casting of consumers: an exhibition of ‘real people’ at the trade mark communication service


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Drive (Psychology)
Action, Psychology of
Motivation (Psychology)
Psychology of action
Mass communication
Communication, Primitive
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This search looks at consumers who apply for brand castings to appear in their marketing communications. Through a qualitative study, it aims to gain a better understanding of the findings of this marketing practice, which leads ordinary individuals to physically expose themselves. Based on the risk characteristics of Castings and the motivation of consumers to participate, four forms of self-exposure are identified: ‘exhibition’, ‘broadcasting’, ‘legitimise’ and ‘merchandising’. In their own way, these exposures enable consumers to develop their personal branding and enable them to boost their customer relationship. Finally, recommendations are proposed to companies wishing to organise castings, in terms of the contribution to be collected, the remuneration to be offered and the method of allocation to be preferred.

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