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Repositioning and development of an electronic sport association

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The meeting of the Internet and video games has led to new consumption patterns. The opportunity to play online has generated competitive, cooperative and community-based practices around video games giving rise to electronic sport. This new leisure has created a complex and changing environment. Several types of organisation have developed to structure and federate this sports discipline. This work will therefore be the subject of an association presented as an electronic sports club on a video game console. Since its creation, the [iT] s Gaming Association has now significantly reduced its activities and lost a large part of its members. After breath, it is discreet among its competitors and is likely to die if no change is undertaken. A study of its environment revealed some trends that suggest the best for the future of video game. Of course, e-sport is not at all, and it is vital for this association to seize the opportunities it offers. A market and competition study, carried out and presented in the course of this work, has identified the key points it needs to monitor in order to make a difference. The purpose of all such research, studies and analyses is to address the issue of this association. The broad lines of its strategy will be redefined and recommendations will be proposed.

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