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Distributed data fusion in VANETS



ID: <10670/1.fwiml0>


This thesis focuses on the study of fusion techniques for distributed and uncertain data in a vehicle network in order to manage the confidence in other vehicles or in received data. The proposed distributed fusion algorithm is based on belief functions and is applied by each node when it receives messages. It is based on the management of direct knowledge, local for each node, and the management of a distributed knowledge broadcasted over the network. The distributed knowledge is the result of the fusion of messages by a suitable operator taking into account the possible cycles and limiting the effect of "data incest". Each node can be autonomous to estimate confidence but cooperation between vehicles can improve and make more robust this estimation. The algorithm can be adapted to the case of study by considering one or more elements of observation and taking into account the data obsolescence. When there are multiple elements of observation, the data association is necessary before the combination step. A new association algorithm was formalized in the framework of belief functions.It has been shown that this problem is equivalent to a linear assignment problem which can be solved in polynomial time. This solution is both optimal and more effective than other approaches developed in this formalism. The confidence management in the nodes and in the received data were illustrated by the implementation of two applications : the detection of false nodes in a Sybil attack and the distributed dynamic maps for enhanced perception

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