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Discrete event modeling and simulation for IoT efficient design





Ubiquitous computing (pervasive, ubiquitous computing or ubicomp in English) consists, globally, in embedding reduced and low-power microprocessors coupled with sensors in mobile devices (objects). One of the challenges in the field of the ubicomp is to propose a software application compatible with all available sensors but also able to adapt (deploy) in several environments in a dynamic and sustainable way. An ubiquitous computing application can be viewed as a software application that manages communications between all devices (sensors). The WComp component dynamic platform enables management of communications and information between devices based on a component assembly. Depending on the contexts of use, including devices available in the user’s environment, dynamic changes to the application may be caused by reassembly of components (dynamic add/remove of components and links) under WComp. When a device is discovered in the application environment, WComp is able to generate on the fly a client component of this device and integrate it dynamically into the application. As part of this thesis, we are collaborating with the RAINBOW group to develop a methodology of Ubiquitous Systems using DEVSimPy environement. Several works have been published and show that a coupling between DEVSimPy and WComp allows to anticipate the adaptability problems of ubiquitous systems when they are immersed in dynamic environments. Nowadays, it seems obvious to propose to the scientific community tools allowing to model and to simulate ubiquitous systems via web services. This approach then makes it possible to integrate simulation as a service ability accessible by mobile devices (mobile phones) or to integrate mobile devices (or components carrying sensors) as a source of data for simulation. As part of the thesis, we participated in the development of the application DEVSimPy-mob whose goal is to give the possibility to users of DEVSimPy environment to simulate DEVSimPy models from mobile devices.

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