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Racism in the prefecture



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'pbLe 21 April 1939, the Daladier Government adopted a decree-law amending the Law on Freedom of the Press of 29 July 1881 by introducing the offences of ‘racial’ insulting and defamation. Considered as the first French anti-racist law, the ‘Marchandeau Law’ therefore specifically targets anti-Jewish propaganda. Repealed under the Occupation, it was reinstated in the aftermath of the war, with the rest of the Republican legislation. Anti-Semitism and racism disappeared in the rubble of national-socialism and vichysm: they are active in the political context of purification, the Cold War and decolonisation. '/pb’pb’pbPlongée unprecedented in judicial proceedings, which, from Nazi anti-Semitism to radical anti-ionism and anti-black, anti-Arab or anti-Blancs racisms, punctuated the history of contemporary France, is an illuminating history of anti-racism. In the face of facts and trials, he proposes an analysis of the tensions inherent in democracy, around minorities and freedom of expression, and a question about the power of the law to deal with hate campaigns and prejudice.’/PB

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