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Social representations of two deaf topics on their communication practices

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ID: <10670/1.gan20t>


Whenever we observe deaf people's speeches, we notice that their communicative practices are neither only oral nor gestural... but a set of processes. How deaf people perceive their communicative practices? This work examines the social representations that two deaf subjects have about their own communicative practices. Firstly, we will introduce some aspects about deafness, bilingualism, sign language and deaf community, and then we will present social representations. Subsequently, we will present the methodological aspects: a short introduction, then the preparation and the interviews carrying out, and then the languages. Finally, in the analytical part, we will introduce the subjects of our study and their familial contexts, we will examine their personal path, we will analyze how the subjects see their languages and the way they use them, we will describe, afterwards, Clement's communicative practices before concluding on the communities' perception, values and our subjects' forecasts.

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