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Affectivity and language arrangements



ID: <10670/1.gjygpk>


This paper provides an update on the relationship between the study of affectivity in language and the study of linguistic modalities. In the first part of the paper, I report on the different ways in which affectivity has been approached in Linguistics. In the second part, I discuss how affectivity is involved in the study of modalities, with a particular focus on the appreciative and axiological values. As counterpoints to those put forward by Gosselin (2010), I argue three theoretical propositions: (i) appreciation and axiology are judgements, without affectivity necessarily being modal; (ii) their respective functions are understood from another modal category; (iii) they tend to produce a semantic blurring in modal statements. Finally, in the third part, I mention two cases of axiological value analysis, drawing some epistemological statements.

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