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Rhythm into PS, a complex activity?

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The beginning of preschool is a difficult step for young children as much as for beginner teachers. These children come from different environments and don’t have the same relationship with literature. It is then necessary for the students to discover this new culture. Language, understanding and listening are skills that need to be improved from the first year of preschool. Thus, the goal of this thesis is to think of a method that would, regardless of their difficulties, allow all students to root themselves in a learning and understanding explicit process of story telling. A project gathering different methods has been set up, it is designed for each group and for each difficulties students have met. This project enabled to prove that tales memorising induced by a diversity of understanding routes bring progress for all students. At the end of the project, they all can narrate the studied story using a suitable language. The utilisation of a matching method and a thorough work in understanding would allow a better perception of the story leading to a sharpened narration.

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