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From the study of the research programmes in partnership “Social appropriation of sciences” (ASOSC) of the Brittany region (2006-2014), the author engages in an analysis of the forms of cooperation built around objects elaborated as societal challenges that justify the mobilisation of systems of actors with plural configurations. Opting for the concept of ideational configurations, he presents a typology of the ways of thinking the cooperation between actors and investigators from empirical observation. Beyond this identification of the forms of arrangement between these researches’ stakeholders, he finds out the mobilising and performative power of general and consensual ideas. These malleable concepts consolidated by transversal concepts constitute real conceptual networks that cross several fields and allow the circulation and appropriation of these ideas. Finally, based on these considerations, carried to several levels, he engages in a critical reading of the “scientific third-sector” notion proposed by the Foundation Sciences Citoyennes and taken up by the public authorities that support research in partnership.

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