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Child migration and educational inclusion: A debt topical for the development of comprehensive approaches and policies for attention in Latin America





Target Summary: Consideration is being given to the way in which national governments implement their commitments to promote the development of educational inclusion in order to tackle the problem of child migration, and to propose alternatives that meet the real needs of the affected population. Methodology. This document corresponds to a literature review around the subject of child migration and educational inclusion. A total of 29 articles were selected, published over a period of time from 2004 to 2020, mainly in the Latin American region. All in all, the articles conceptualise the issue of educational inclusion, analyse the problems that have arisen for quality education due to the development of migration, and propose strategies to tackle this situation. As a first step of the study, it became apparent that there was a low level of production in terms of the subject, and it was decided to evaluate it from three different categories: 1. educational inclusion, 2. migration and inclusion and 3. child migration and educational inclusion. These categories were progressively placed and made it possible to draw a historical line on the development of the concepts. Results. Research results show that the concept of educational inclusion applied to the migrant child population has been underdeveloped. However, there are interesting reflections that reflect a theoretical transformation, which should be fully explored in order to contribute to public policy design and substantive transformations. Conclusions. The conclusions suggest that such a transformation does not only have an impact on the migrant child, but also on her classmates, teachers, their surroundings and family, among other factors, so this reflection process is needed to understand inclusion in a multicultural context.

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