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Transnationalisation of professional football. The example of the media coverage of the Champions League and the Euro 2016

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Many Europeans know Europe only through high-profile competitions such as the European Football Championship or the Champions League. These sports events are among the most viewers in the world. But European football also makes it possible to see ‘business’ or ‘drift’ that is equally publicised (corruption, scandals, merchandising young talent, radical supportism, etc.) and is contrary to the values highlighted by the European institutions. In its history and way of organisation, football thus appears in the eyes of the general public as intimately linked to Europe. The aim of the Colloquium is to meet a twofold challenge: to have football recognised as an integral subject of European studies; use this European competition organised in France as a pretext for dialogue between researchers from different social sciences disciplines. The aim is to advance collectively — and in an original way — diversified and complementary approaches (economic, sociological, political, historical) around this event and to analyse both its perception in our societies and its impact on the ordinary relationships of individuals to Europe.

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