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Scientific and technical terms in general dictionaries : case study : monolingual french dictionaries, monolingual arabic dictionaries and french-arabic bilingual dictionaries





This research aims to study the status - place and treatment - of scientific and technical terms in general dictionaries. General dictionaries concentrate on words (or general language lexicon) whereas specialised dictionaries focus on terms (or specialised language lexicon). However, general dictionaries include, in addition to words, a large number of terms. These terms, which are simultaneously included in both dictionaries types, are the subject of this study. Thus, it proposes to examine the following aspects of the term: macrostructural - choice and location - and mircostructual - labelling, definition and exemplification as well as the term’s equivalent in the Arabic bilingual dictionaries. The terms which are used in this research are from various domains. They are extracted from a trilingual English-French-Arabic corpus which consists of texts published by the UN. The status of these terms is analysed according to two monolingual french dictionaries, two monolingual arabic dictionaries and two bilingual french-arabic dictionaries.

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