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Teaching approaches to literature



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Considering that the teaching of literature is a young field of research, the diversity and vitality of recent literature work raise the question of the research approaches and methods at stake. This work is at the heart of this question. Thinking about the teaching of literature as a specific content leads to the idea of literature as a (meta) content of French discipline, which can be questioned using concepts developed in French didactic and other didactic language. Teaching approaches to literature should therefore be understood as an open question, covering both the nature of these approaches, their history, the concepts and concepts they favour or neglect and the methodologies they call for. In line with the spirit of the AIRDF collection “Recherche en didactique du français”, the aim here is to bring together elements of synthesis produced by various authors in order to draw up a progress report, which must be provisional, but essential, of this field of research. To this end, a first axis of the book is devoted to the history and definition of the scope of teaching approaches to literature, while a second axis focuses on the concepts and concepts worked in and by research in this field and a third axis questions the approaches and methods used in this work.

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