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Caracterisation of signaling pathways controled by androgens in mouse striated muscle



ID: <10670/1.ixh8sy>


Muscles generate strength and movement, and have important metabolic functions. The aim of my work was to characterize the role and mechanisms of action of androgen receptor in skeletal muscle. We show that ablation of the androgen receptor in skeletal muscle myofibers does not affect muscle mass as both anabolic (IGF1) and catabolic pathways (myostatin) are deregulated. However, the absence of this receptor in myofibers decreases muscle hypertrophy induced by mechanical overload and limits glucocorticoids-induced muscle atrophy. Its ablation also increases autophagy, leading to sacromeres destructuration, resulting in decreased muscle strength. Moreover, its deletion reduced the rate of glucose absorption during a glucidic overload. Thus, myofibres androgen receptor regulates muscle mass and strength, as well as glucose import.

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