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On the margins of the Kingdom. Archaeological study of the period of Post-Meroitic transition


This thesis proposes a synthesis of the “End of Meroe”. The challenge, however, is considerable. The genesis of the “royal” mounds of el-Hobagi was the subject of a critical discussion between experts at the 8th Conference of the Meroitic Studies in London. Partice Lenoble had already established, with all of his knowledge in the field, the “postpyramidal” history of Nubia after the end of the royal cemeteries of Meroe. Today, it might be useless for someone to launch a new research in this domain. Nothing has been changed, one says, because we still lack cemeteries comparable to that of al-Hobagi; thus, it is effectively impossible to understand their genesis, to investigate his “postpyramidal” history. The thesis presented here is to answer this question. Consists of seven main chapters, they bring us to the issues confronted by Lenoble and his colleagues. No doubt, the genesis of the “royal” mounds of el-Hobagi, and the chronology of the royal necropolis of Qoustoul and Ballana are at the heart of our confrontation.

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