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Rituals: space for building its place

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ID: <10670/1.izcdzd>


The article distinguishes ‘crossing rituals’ from interacting rituals and religious rituals, while highlighting their commonalities: effective efficiency enabling the link and the transition (to a new status, a new situation, a surnatural world) and space for space that distinguish them from procedures that are challenging. After identifying some work on school rituals, the author focuses on interacting rituals in learning, on the other hand, on the rituals of transition to adulthood, which ensure that young people have a place in adult society while providing protection to live the emotions that will enable them to occupy that place. In connection with the theorising of the Psychoalyst Piera Aulagnier, all of them propose the term ‘anthropologisation’ to define the process which leads the child to take up a place in human society without necessarily knowing what function he or she will occupy there (socialisation process).

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